22 Oct, 2019

Ultimate Enjoyment with the Wines of Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines

Врвно уживање со вината Tikveš Châteaux & Domainеs

Tikveš Winery has singled out its premium wine lines in a separate brand platform – Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines, uniting boutique wineries located at specific and unique micro-locations. A common feature of all the wines of this platform is that they have been produced from strictly controlled vineyards where the climate, water, wind and soil are in perfect balance, ideal for producing exquisite “terroir” wines of excellent quality. These wines are of protected geographical origin, produced in limited quantities, and their character reflects the distinctive features of their site of origin.

The portfolio of Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines includes the internationally recognized wine brands of Barovo, Bela Voda and Lepovo, as well as the wines produced at the French winery of Château de Gourdon, which has recently become part of Tikveš Winery.

The selection of vineyard micro-locations has been made with the support of the world-renowned wine consultant Philippe Cambie, and through the selection of the best grapes, Tikveš oenological team has demonstrated its entire mastery of creating premium wines. In fact, the numerous awards these refined wines continually receive are proof of the mastery and passion invested in them.

The specific climate and soil on the land of Bela Voda make it possible to develop varied and rich aromas in the wines produced from the grapes grown in these vineyards. The lavish beauty and the particularly auspicious climate underpin the creation of sophisticated wines, recognized by world-renowned wine critics, such as Robert Parker and The Wine Advocate team. They have rated the red wine of “Bela Voda 2012” with as many as 95 points out of possible 100, the highest rating ever won by a wine originating in the region.

Barovo, too, is notable for its uniqueness and success. The wines produced from grapes grown at an altitude of 600 to 700 meters are characterized by freshness and vividness due to the large daily temperature oscillations which especially occur during the grape ripening period. Barovo wines have won top prizes around the world, thus at the British Decanter World Wine Awards 2018, the red wine of “Barovo” of the 2015 harvest has been awarded a platinum medal which, in a special evaluating session, is awarded only to exceptional wines – namely, gold medalists.

At the site of Lepovo, nature is genuinely conducive to grape growing. The site is located just a few kilometers from the Vardar River, which allows the vineyards to be exposed to the constant mild and warm wind of Povardarec, which brings the Mediterranean influence and enables the vineyards to be in perfect health, and the grapes of high, constant quality. The wines produced under this brand are “Domaine Lepovo Chardonnay”, “Domaine Lepovo Rosé”, “Domaine Lepovo Pinot Noir” and “Domaine Lepovo Grand Cuvée”.

Château de Gourdon estate is located in the south of the Rhône Valley in France. The first vineyards at this site date back as far as 1870, and today extend over 50 hectares in a hilly area. The frequent Mistral wind, as well as the sandy soil, makes for the high quality of the grapes grown in the Château de Gourdon vineyards throughout each harvest. These conditions, combined with the expertise of Tikveš oenologists, have resulted in awards for these wines as well, thus in the autumn evaluation of Germany's largest wine competition – Mundus Vini 2019, the red wine of “Vase de Pierre 2017” won a gold medal.

Recently, Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines wines have had the opportunity to be tasted by the famous independent wine critic Jeb Dunnuck, who comes from The Wine Advocate team. Six wines have received over 90 points, scores traditionally reserved for premium wines from the most famous wine regions in the world. The highest score was given to the red wine of “Bela Voda 2016” with 93 points. This confirms not only the top quality of all the wines that are part of this brand platform, but also the consistency of the high quality.

Tikveš Châteaux & Domaines wines are available in all restaurants where special attention is paid to the right combination of food and wine in order to elevate the overall experience to a higher level. The right combination of food and wine provides further enjoyment of the different varieties, both typical of our region, as well as varieties that are peculiar to France and less known to us, but equally interesting to discover.