Како работи?

How it works?

Choose your favourite restaurant and make a reservation.

Choose your favourite restaurant and make a reservation
No telephone calls
No charge
Get exclusive discounts and privileges
Get full reviews and comments by previous guests

How can I make a reservation?

Резервирајте онлајн
1. Online restaurant booking
  • Choose a restaurant you want to book;
  • Choose date and time;
  • Choose number of persons;
  • Make a reservation;
  • On specific days and periods, most restaurants offer exclusive discounts for our users (between 10-30%);

Within several minutes you will receive a text message reply with reservation status (confirmed or cancelled reservation);

(Your reservation is confirmed, GREAT, you just won 50 points on your receipt, if discounts are offered for the requested period you will receive a discount confirmation via text message. Before ordering your receipt, remind your waiter that you are entitled to a discount)

If your reservation is declined (the restaurant is fully booked on the requested date), make a reservation in another restaurant and we are certain that you will find something available

Бесплатен повик
2. Free call

For specific requests, orders or large celebrations, use the “Free call” service to directly call the restaurant.

How does the “Free call” service work?

Once you click on the “Free call” button, our central calling station with the number 023085 600 will dial your cell phone number and once you answer you will be directly connected with the restaurant.

*By using the “Free call” service you are not entitled to privileges such as discounts, winning points and leaving comments.

Бесплатен повик

100% verified reviews and comments by previous guests of restaurants

www.restorani.mk is the only place in Macedonia where you can read verified and reliable reviews and ratings on restaurants.

With every online reservation, after a guest has visited a restaurant, the following day he/she can make a comment about a specific restaurant. This method minimises the possibility for manipulation and making false comments.

Win points and get a value voucher for lunch/dinner

4. Points

Win points and get a value voucher: 500 points - 500 denars.

+100 First reservation
+50 New reservation
+25 Comment
-200 Cancelled reservation
-300 Second cancelled reservation

1 point = 1 denar

  • With the first online reservation you win 100 points;
  • If you make a recommendation to a friend, when he/she makes a reservation you will both win 200 points each;
  • With every following reservation you win 100 points;
  • With every comment/rating your make after visiting a restaurant you win 50 points;
  • By winning 1,000 points you get a voucher in the amount of 1,000 denars that can be used in our partner-restaurants.