30 May, 2018

How to make an online reservation?

Restorani.mk се грижи за своите корисници

How to make an online reservation?

1. Select a restaurant you want to book;

2. Select date and time;

3. Select number of persons;

4. Make a reservation.


No charges made.

No telephone calls.

Get exclusive discounts and privileges.

Depending on the weekday and time period, most restaurants offer exclusive discounts for our users (between 10-30%), while some of them offer taxi vouchers. The guests can choose whether they want to get a discount or a taxi voucher. Within several minutes you will receive a text message reply with reservation status (confirmed or declined reservation);

(Your reservation is confirmed, GREAT, you just won 50 points on your receipt. If discounts are offered for the requested time period, you will receive a discount confirmation via text message. Before ordering your receipt, remind your waiter that you are entitled to a discount or taxi voucher)

If your reservation is declined (the restaurant is fully booked at the requested date or time), make a reservation in another restaurant that is included in the campaign.

Value Voucher

Because the www.restorani.mk web service cares about its users, we introduced a system that enables users to win points with every reservation and thus win a value voucher.

Points can be won in the following manner:

  • With the first online reservation you win 100 points;
  • If you make a recommendation to a friend, when he/she makes a reservation you will both win 150 points each;
  • With every additional reservation you win 50 points;
  • With every comment/rating your make after visiting a restaurant you win 25 points;
  • By winning 500 points you get a voucher in the amount of 500 denars that can be used in our partner-restaurants.