02 Apr, 2018

Pork Knuckles

Restaurant Bure

Pork Knuckles

Pork Knuckles 300 gr.

“Bure” Restaurant in Leptokarija shopping mall is a synonym for eleven-year tradition that combines high-quality Macedonian cuisine and a lovely atmosphere. Guests experience this gourmet paradise through their specialties, selected drinks, relaxed atmosphere and good tunes.

Their menu offers a number of specialties, and the quality of their food is in the hands of experienced chefs working at this restaurant. However, they are not only complemented on their food, but also on their hospitality and fast service.

We asked the staff for a recommendation on something delicious from their rich menu, and they recommended pork knuckles cooked in dark mushroom sauce.

Soon after we were served our order. This specialty was made of pork knuckles the flavor of which was enriched by the dark mushroom sauce. It was garnished with baked potatoes. The meat was excellently cooked, with a tender and juicy texture that truly melts in the mouth. Its tanginess and spicy flavor came from the dark mushroom sauce, while the baked potatoes were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and blended perfectly with the pork knuckles.